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Lightbulb Rigid Metallic Conduit (R.M.C.) Mast

Does anyone have any experience with using rigid metallic conduit (R.M.C.) for antenna masts? I'm currently using a 10' long 1/2" (trade size) diameter R.M.C. conduit as the mast for an F.M. halo-type antenna and it seems to be holding up very well, with very little observable bending even during 55 M.P.H./90 km/h wind gusts. I have the coaxial cable running inside the mast to reduce the risk of damage from branches and other debris in addition to improving the aesthetics.

I was just wondering since I have seen most "normal" masts swaying quite frequently during wind storms like the one I mentioned above. I think R.M.C. has better tolerance for wind and ice build-ups than standard masts, although it could be because the effective projected area of the antenna and mast is quite low.
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