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Originally Posted by cflannagan View Post
What do you mean that my plot indicates no amp should be needed? What does "plot" refer to?
He means the TVFool signal report. You gave this link for it in your previous thread:

It has the database datecode 20165271215. It will probably be dropped from the TVFool server soon, so here is the image:

The strength of the signal can be stated in two ways, by signal power in dBm or by Noise Margin in dB.

Interpreting Noise Margin in the TV Fool Report

I did the analysis in your previous thread, post #14:

Is your antenna outside or in the attic?

Try a test with the antenna going directly to one TV with a short coax and then with the amp going to just one TV to eliminate a possible problem in the distribution system.

You have three possible problem areas: the antenna, the amp, and the distribution system. Your troubleshooting technique must use the process of elimination.
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