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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
Remove the amplifier completely and re-evaluate reception.

Absolutely. The LED simply means it's getting power.

Well, Radio Shack pretty much went out of business last year....

Try it with no amp at all. Your plot indicates that no amp should be needed.
Yup - already tried that. The problem worsened.

What do you mean that my plot indicates no amp should be needed? What does "plot" refer to?

To clarify, I've never been able to get reliable reception unless I have the amp in place. So my understanding is that amp is critical to our continued stable reception. Not a single issue in the last 2 years, even during heavy storms.

And right now, with clear, beautiful weather, out of blue, we cannot get any channels with any stability at all.

Edit: Ah right, Radio Shack went out of business. Hmm.. I'm trying to think of an equivalent place I can go to, or at least a well-known chain store that we know sells those amps. Barring that, I guess I'll order from Amazon.

Edit 2: This seems to be the same model/device I had previously - let me know if you have recommendation of a reasonably priced amplifier other than this one - am thinking of ordering one in next few hours, so I can get the device replaced and tested tomorrow.

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