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Sudden loss of reception

Background: We have been receiving all major broadcast channels flawlessly since my last post in this thread nearly 2 years ago

This morning, all of suddenly, we're not receiving good reception anymore. No new obvious obstruction in front of antenna, weather is beautiful, etc. The issue has been going on for at least 6 hours.

With my engineering background (albeit only in software engineering.. I'm pretty uneducated in matters of antennas), I looked for any obvious issues. Started at antenna - it's pointed in same general direction. No visible damage at all, cable seems properly connected to it, etc.

Have same antenna mentioned in the original thread still - the HD7694P. Checked my signal boosting device in attic (still using same one mentioned in the original thread: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon....SR970,300_.jpg ), the red light is on, so I'm guessing it's functional?

Verified that the coaxial connections at critical junctions are secure (not loose).

Nothing unusual happened lately. I'm stumped as to what the issue could be. Am thinking of contacting local service to check everything here but before I do that (to save money), anyone have any ideas of what else I should check out? This issue is affecting all TVs in the house (3 of them). Poor/no signal for all broadcast channels.

Is there a possibility that the signal boosting device would give me the light, but it is no longer functional? I'm wondering if I should buy a new device at Radio Shack and try replacing that device to see if it resolves, or is that unlikely considering the device has its LED lit?

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