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Your New, more accurate, TVFool Report

Thank you for the new TVFool signal report. When I asked you where you got the elevation for your location, you were able to double check the information from Google maps. I'm confident that this report is for your location.

As before, WFIE NBC is listed on the report:

I don't see WTVW causing an overload problem on this report, and what you said about your reception results with the Televes antenna with the preamp ON makes sense.

The problems with WVUT are:
1. It is a very weak 2Edge signal with a Noise Margin of -12.0 dB
2. Only 12 kW out of 57 kW ERP is sent in your direction because of the transmitting antenna directional pattern
3. You are in a dead zone for its signal coverage
4. WVUT has adjacent channel interference from W23BV on channel 23 that is 61.3 dB stronger. A tuner is not expected to reject adjacent channel interference greater than 33 dB, but the fact that W23BV is in a different direction helps

You have some strong local FM transmitters that might interfere with VHF-High channels 7 and 9.
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