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Yes, I reversed the 300 ohm lead on one M4 for both the dual balun and single balun setups. Signals seemed the same to me, still slightly less than the single M4. But I don't have a decent signal meter, have to use either the TV or Windows Media Center's signal meter.

I thought about the vertical beam width but didn't really make any plans for a way to adjust it on the mast. Something I'll have to correct on my next go around with it.

Making all the changes and adjustments on a hot roof, (and going up and down the ladder several times to get the tools I forgot), was a bit of a challenge. So I may have missed some of the finer points of aiming and switching the feeds around. Especially when it was on the high side of the house up a 10 foot mast.

I've got a feeling that either the vertical angle needs working on, or I have messed up on the measurements on the phase lines, or both.

Even the setup with the Mclapp co-phase lines to combine the 2 M4 panels, it seems to have the same signal quality as the 300ohm single balun setup. And still slightly less than the M4.

The channel that drops off the most is WRAL, it's gone from both M8's but good to strong on the M4. I also lost my Roanoke channels, (virtual 7 and 10), but those are hit or miss most days anyway depending on weather.
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