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Finding a balun

You should be able to find one at just about anyplace that sells tv 's and supplys for them. If not try some online site like antennas direct or some thing similar. The balun will connect to the same place on your antenna that the twin lead is connected to now. The balun will have 2 leads on it and the other end will have a 75 ohm female connector that will screw onto your 75 ohm coax. You might consider getting your coax from the same place as the balun and have them put the 75 ohm connectors on it for you. Make sure and get a long enough coax to reach tv and some extra. When you connect the balun if you dont have a weather proof boot to slip over balun and connector then tape up with electrical tape to keep moistuer out of it. Your antenna will have some shorter elements on it and some longer ones. The shortest elements are the front of antenna. Try to have the front of antenna pointed in direction of the stations you are trying to recieve. I hope this helps.
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