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Not to pick on him, but I'm going to disagree with two of phone man's recommendations. (Sorry ).

First off, I cannot recommend the PA18 for this location. It's really for weak signal only areas as it's easily overloaded. I imposed a simple guideline for our inside sales folks to prevent overloading by making it simple: If there's green on the TVFool plot, don't sell it. Our Juice, OTOH, can be used anywhere an amp is appropriate. There are also other preamps from competitors that would be appropriate for this "moderate plus weak" signal location. Don't forget to check for local FM signals as they can cause overloading when not addressed.

The CM4228HD would do very well on UHF but it's high-VHF reception probably isn't sufficient for reliable reception of WESH. Suitable alternatives would be a large high-VHF/UHF combo or a system comprised of a dedicated UHF antenna plus a dedicated high-VHF antenna properly combined and amplified.
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