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The link works now, thank you. Aiming toward Orlando as ADtech suggests gets you all the major networks and many independent stations. The NBC station is actually VHF(real channel 11). All the rest are UHF. Fortunately all are on the same compass heading. I would suggest a Channel Master 4228HD antenna because of it's upper VHF capabilities. That should cover channel 11 NBC for you. You don't mention how many televisions you intend to connect or anything about your signal distribution system. You may get by with just the antenna if your RG6 coax run isn't very long and you only have one TV.
A good preamp with a low noise rating like the PA-18 from Antennas Direct would be good insurance against signal drop outs since you're 66 miles away from the broadcast towers. It would also help if you plan on using a splitter for more than one TV.
I'm reliably picking up a channel 66 miles away with a similar setup for two TVs and 120 ft coax run to the furthest location.
Your report is based on the antenna being 10' off the ground. Higher is better but keep in mind there may be a big difference in a few inches of antenna height so be willing to experiment with height as well as left to right when aiming your antenna. A helper watching the signal strength on the TV while you move the antenna will help you find the best position. Use good connectors, crimp on is OK, compression is better. Avoid the cheap screw on type. One weak spot in your signal chain can ruin the results.
Free TV puts a smile on my face every time I hear about how much cable and satellite cost. Good luck with your installation!
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