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There is no need for channel 10 reception. Wilmington has a local CBS station WILM-LD.

A C2V *might* get channels 10 & 12 off the back, but I'd consider them to be bonus channels at best.

Your limiting factor for reliable reception is likely to be trees, something we can't do much about except counsel you to avoid them whenever possible.

BTW, we do have a C4V-CJM (C4+VHF-1+CJM) model, it's available exclusively at Best Buy in that configuration. Otherwise, our standard VHF-1 module will clip directly onto the reflector of any of our ClearStream UHF loop antennas, our "e"-series UHF antennas, and recent production Micron XG antennas (rolling change on that one).

The VHF-1 module can also be independently mounted to a mast for situations that require independent aiming of the VHF element or it may be used with ANY UHF-only antenna to provide supplemental high VHF reception. The U/V diplexer is already integrated into the module.

The C2 Complete was our first generation of the C2V. It consists of the C2 with the VHF Reflector assembly, CJM, and coax in a box and was intended for a large retailer to sell as a turnkey retail item but, they changed their mind at the last minute so we're still selling off that inventory. There's no significant performance difference between the multiple generations of the C2V.
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