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You won't know for sure the effect of nearby buildings until you try.

I'd probably start with an RCA RCA ANT751 mounted on the balcony, facing 75 degrees (a bit north of east). Start by running the coax straight from the antenna on the balcony through the door to one television, auto-program, then make a list of what you get and post it (listing the stations in the same order as on your TV Fool Report). Then move the cable to the other television and repeat. If you are happy with the stations you get (the goal being all or most of the stations in green), then you run the cable where you want it, add a splitter at an appropriate location (you can try whatever the store sells).

I'd suggest getting the antenna and splitter at a place with a good return policy (like WalMart or Radio Shack). Save your receipt and open the packaging carefully.
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