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Talking Where did you learn what you know and how do I start

A little bit about me.

Hello, I'm Ryan. I'm an electrical engineering major. This is my first post and I am a new member, but I've read a ton of posts and I am a major fan of what this site does. I am a certified electronics nut, I literally just built a smartphone oscilloscope for my dads smartphone, but I'm wanting to start branching out into tinkering with signal systems and I figured what a better way to start than this. If any of you are interested in building your own smartphone oscilloscope just let me know, it costs about 40 bucks to make (after shipping) and I'll pm you the site so you can build your own. Anyhow, I just started looking into signals not too long ago and it's incredibly interesting stuff to me and the resources are plentiful but I was just curious:

Where did all of you learn the things you know about antenna theory?

I recently just built an fm transmitter "bug" fit with an electrolet mic and that's kind of what go me hooked. Didn't know a 9v battery would be so capable of broadcasting signals. And this stuff has a bearing in practically all modern electronics. From cell phone, wireless routers and extenders, Bluetooth, etc. Anyhow I've read a bunch of forums, haven't really had a whole lot of confidence to reply to anyone considering it would be very easy for me to give the wrong advice, but one day if like to have this down to a t and be one of those gurus who can just respond to any question anyone throws out there.

With all this being said, I figured what better way to start and begin the tinkering than by asking for advice along with my reading. Here's a copy of my tv fool report:

I recently did some research and came to the conclusion that a winegard 7698p would be a reasonable antenna to start with so I contacted a guy on Craigslist and am about to acquire one for 50 bucks brand new (which seems like a hell of a steal to me considering I need something long range). But I wanted to hear your recommendations.

Do you think this antenna will work well for me? If so what type of preamp and coaxial cable should I be getting (or should I make it?) and where do you guys buy from? do you guys have a rotator that you could recommend?

Like I said, this seems like a great way to get my start in this field and I appreciate all the help you can give (even if you're a newb just like me)

Thanks and merry christmahannakwanzaka everyone ��

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