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There are tall trees in the area, about 30 - 40 yards away, that my antenna is pointed directly at. And my house sits in a lower-ish area as well, with small hills round about.

As for the connections, when I was first experimenting to see which channels I could even get, I had the coax come straight off the roof to the tv in my bedroom, and the channels I did get were pretty weak, without the preamp. Add the preamp and that made the signals much stronger. So then i took the coax and plugged it into the side of my house which takes it to the media closet in the house, where it splits once, to go to my tv downstairs and also the tv upstairs. That's where the pre-amps earns its money, none of the tvs picked up the signal without the pre-amp with that routing, so yes, the splitters and length weaken the signal a bit, but the pre-amp allows for viewing of the channels I listed previously.

So I really want to know if I can get an antenna to pick them ALL up with stronger signals as a plus.

Would this be a better option?
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