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The Pro's will be along.

To me the novice it seems like something is wrong in the system. With signals like that you should easily get the channels you need most likely without amplification.

What is the layout where you live? Down in a hole, dense heavy foliage/trees? Valley?

How many tv's do you have connected? What type of cable, connectors and how old/condition?

Seems like the antenna you are looking at is a wonderful long range unit, but to me is overkill. That's what I would use 75 miles out.

Have you tried a fresh length of coax straight from the antenna (bi-pass amp) to just one tv, no splitters etc? Scan and see what you have. Need to eliminate problems.

Oh and the antenna you are looking at is UHF(15+) only and you have some VHF(14 and lower) you want. So that has to be considered.

Seems like with a medium range multi-directional with those strengths you should be getting most everything in the green/yellow with a quality antenna and components.
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