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Considering a bigger antenna, thoughts?

I'm considering getting a bigger antenna and want to know if it will get me what I want.

First my info:

Signal Map:

Current antenna:

Its on top of my 2 story roof. I estimate at least 25 off the ground.

This is the pre-amp I'm using and it totally makes a difference:

I live about 25 miles southeast of Seattle.
Right now I get channels:

KWPX-TV 33.1
KZJO 22.1 (Joe TV)
KCPQ-DT 13.1 (Fox)
KIRO 7.1 (CBS)
KUNS 51.1 (Univision)

I can pick up these other three channels, which I'd really love to have, but I have to turn my antenna just a little bit, and end up losing channels 7 and 13 above.

KOMO 38 (4.1) (ABC)
KONG-DT 31 (16.1) (NBC)

Most of the channels that I do get have a pretty weak signal and will sometimes get too weak if its raining.

I'd also rather not have to use a rotor to get all the channels if possible.

I'm thinking of getting this DB8 antenna:

My Questions:
I'm hoping that since its multi-directional that I'll be able to pick up all the channels without having to use a rotor. Thoughts?
I'm also hoping that the signal will come in stronger and not die out due to weather.
Do you think I would need a separate VHF antenna?

Thanks for your help!
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