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antenna spacing?

I had my brother buy some antennas and a preamp. I put the antennas and preamp on a tower for him also. What I need to no now after the fact is how far should the antennas be seperated. One antenna is a Winegard hd9095 uhf the other is a winegard ya1713 vhf. They are both mounted on the same mast pipe and in the the same direction above the tower. The tower does have a ham 4 rotator in it. I dont know which antenna should be on top or bottom. I also had him get a preamp which is the winegard ap 2870 because it has 2 75 ohm inputs one for uhf and one for vhf. The preamp is now discontinued. My thoughts were that with the 2 inputs I would avoid having to get a combiner or diplixer. I realize this preamp has considerable noise figure about 3 db on both uhf and vhf. If my memory serves me right I think the antennas are about 4 feet apart with the shorter of the 2 on top. Any thoughts on a different amp and maybe a low loss combiner would be appreciated. I am not satified with the results of present setup.
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