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So if I read you right, to get a bona fide DB8e, I need to pull off the baluns, put the DB4e's side by side and tie them together with lateral transmissions lines of equal length, and put a balun in the center of that? Would one of the DB4e baluns work, or would it not be calibrated for the 2X configuration?

In other news, having much better luck with them stacked closer together. Currently 18 inches between the edges of the reflectors, and I have a dramatic improvement in signal strength: the LA stations have become watchably reliable. That puts me close to 2/3 wavelength if I measure from element to element. I'll be doing some more experimenting this weekend to see what yields the optimum spacing. My AntennaCraft Y5 just showed up too, so I'll add that to the mix. I've read some interesting things about a VHF antenna in close proximity reducing the front to back ratio of the UHF antenna (without reducing the front gain) which could improve my reception on the San Diego (back) side.
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