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I notice that there are diagonal ripples in the TV screen background of my Panasonic Analog TV from the coax output of the CM-7000 converter box.

I switched to use RG6 cable from CM-7000 to my Panasonic Analog TV. It got better, but still some visible ripples in the background.

I wonder if there's any thing I can do to further improve. Is this from some kind of interference from the older RG59 cable from the outdoor antenna (I thought it's digital signal so output video should be immune from interference picked up from the antenna/cable)? Or it's the CM-7000's problem?

I don't see any ripples in the TV screen background when I switched to S-video output from the CM-7000.

Would placing a high-pass filter before going to the TV coax input remove the rippling effect on the TV screen (the CM-7000 outputs on Channel 4)?


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