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Originally Posted by mdoverstreet View Post
Update 2: "I took off yesterday and dug out one of my old cb poles. Put it up then the top part cranks up another 17 feet I repaired it and transferred the antenna over to this one. The other wasn’t as tall as I thought so now I have it at 36feet. I can pull in 29 channels pointed towards Springfield. Still got 11 lol and added 10, 27, and a few others I can’t think of right now!"

I told him that he was defying the odds. Lol!
What's going on here?
Very interesting

This is what is going on:
1. The signal report is only a computer simulation that is often wrong with 2Edge signals
2. Seasonal Tropospheric Propagation in the Fall can enhance weak signals
3. The coordinates you gave me are on the west side of the road and down a hill. That might not be the actual location of the antenna.

Enjoy it while you got it
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