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Originally Posted by mdoverstreet View Post
Hey y'all. I've got a friend that lives in Leslie, AR and this is his report at 10ft.

This is his is report at 150ft.

Any hope for him?

Thanks y'all.
Hello, mdoverstreet

The Interactive Browser doesn't work anymore. Use this link to enter the info:

The TVFool reports aren't as accurate as they used to be. Here is a generic Zip code report for Leslie, AK 72645 from

I used coordinates for the report, from Google maps....intersection of Walnut St (66) and High St, 35.830354, -92.557940

It doesn't look too promising. KEMV PBS is possible, and maybe K26GS for MeTV, Charge, and Comet.

Please go here and enter the coordinates for his antenna:
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