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If your antenna has the clip-on box with the black horizontal "rods", it's the "V" version.

I suspect that the problem with KMGH will easily be resolved with a simple channel scan once Scripps completes the channel 26 digital transmitter facility, KZFC-LP. It would be a good idea to ask the station the specific question as to when that facility will be on the air. That makes the requirement to receive VHF from Denver moot as the other two VHF stations have UHF channels that are carrying their programming.
I'm a little puzzled. They want you to rescan, but the references I found say KMGH Denver7 is staying on the same RF channel.
That would have been a requirement only for those viewers who received programming via the channel sharing agreement with WZCO, mainly south of Denver. That signal on UHF 30 would not be expected to be usable in Ft Collins.
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