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Originally Posted by kanjigirl View Post
We have a Clearstream 4 Ultra Long Range, installed I think in 2017.

Two days ago we lost 7.1 (ABC) which we've never had a problem with, since 2016. Rescanned several times since then and it's not coming in.

I just found this:

But we've had it with no interruption for years. Now it's gone and won't come back. We just ran a scan, usually we have about 60 channels but right now it's down to 40.
Hello, kanjigirl. I'm a little puzzled. They want you to rescan, but the references I found say KMGH Denver7 is staying on the same RF channel.

This is an image of your report:

Here is a report from that shows two ABC transmitters that will display 7.1 for ABC on your TV, KMGH and possibly KZFC-LP:

KMGH is on VHF-High real channel 7. Your antenna only has a simple dipole for VHF-High that doesn't have much gain.

KZFC has been an analog channel on 26:

but they they have a construction permit for a digital transmitter on 26:

Maybe forum member Tower Guy can figure it out, he is a retired TV station engineer.
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