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Some good news--

I switched back to the existing outdoor antenna as it picked up more UHF channels than the ANT121 placed outdoor.

Odd as it is, I am now able to suddenly pick up KGO from the existing outdoor antenna--w/o using the FM trap. Signal is about 68-76% w/o the splitter. About 50-65% with a 4-way splitter and 25 feet cable from entry of house (from backyard) to the living room.

Two things I've noticed/changed:

1. The last time I adjusted the existing outdoor antenna I did not tighten it to the mast completely. It was a windy day today, and I noticed the antenna was turned clockwise for about 15.

2. The copper wire @ the connector end in the RG59 cable from the outdoor antenna was dull in color, so I stripped off one inch of the cable and redid the connector to get some good shiny copper wire out for better contact today.

I am going to observe if I can continue to pick up KGO @ this angle for the next few days. Looks like it does require a close tuning to point to KGO right to pick up the signal(!)

And, don't know if that dull copper wire in the connector end also contributed to the problem for KGO before... .

I'm going to try the other room which is further away (40 feet) from entry of house and see if the signal is still good enough.

I re-adjusted the ANT121's angle accordingly to match the existing outdoor antenna's angle and see if that helped--it didn't (perhaps I didn't set up the ANT121 right?)

Good news now anyway! (Perhaps, the wind helps!)

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