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So, I placed the the indoor antenna RCA ANT121 outdoor and tried to see what the signal would be.

I had the ANT121 tie rods both set vertically, @ 30 from each other, and had the antenna placed on top of the wooden patio roof (there was no metal cover on the patio roof) one to two feet away from the house's roof, with the front of the antennas facing KGO Ch 7 (see attached photos). I got a previously used 40' RG6 cable ( used for Dish Network, and connected the ANT121 thru' the RG6 to the CM-7000. I placed the Radio Shack FM trap before the CM-7000. No splitter was used.

I started checking the channels from the top of the channels list on the TVFool chart, and I got all the channels down to KNTV Ch 11 (315, 50.1 NM). Signal was about 77% for KNTV as indicated by the CM-7000.

I was not able to get any signal from any channels below KNTV Ch 11 on the TVFool chart. I could perhaps get KRON Ch 4.1 (49.9 NM) or KTVU Ch 2.1 (49.5 NM) once or twice. I did get KQED (48.4 NM) periodically--but not reliably.

No KGO obviously from this setup.

So, using the ANT121 placed on the wooden patio roof in the backyard, I was not able to pick up any channels reliably below 50 NM power--whether it was UHF or VHF (KGO). It was almost a steep drop to zero below 50 NM.

Let me know if any of the set up was incorrect.

1. One side of the ANT121's tie rod was broken long time ago, and I placed a copper wire to replace the broken tie rod (see 2nd photo). Don't know if this caused any undesireable effects in the result.

2. The old outdoor antenna was mainly losing the reflector piece on one end. Would this have negative influence in picking up KGO Ch 7?
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