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HDTV reception on my antenna

Hello team,
I have been receiving HDTV on my antenna for the past 7 months. I live in Port Orchard Wa and I have a clear view of Seattle channels to the East. Nothing has changed with my setup. In the last month or so my signal has become spotty at times. I have repositioned the antenna and the signal looks good then goes spotty. At times it was just the local King 5 while the other channels were clear.
Tonight all of the channels are having problems. I was watching the signal strength steady at 100% ten drop to below 50% or worse. After a second or two it would come back to 100%. Meanwhile the picture pixelates or comes to a stop. Most annoying.
My question is: Is there any way someone or something could be interferring with the HDTV signal? I have tried a different antenna and the result was the same. i really would like to get back to the steady signal I used to get. Does anyone else in the Puget Sound area have the same problems?
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