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Post Assistance in Receiving PBS in Ontario

Good day,

I am a US citizen now living in Ottawa, Ontario. Because I do not have cable, I am presently unable to view programming from PBS.

I have only one TV, a recently purchased Samsung model.

I live in a single family house with a roof peak at 38 feet. A brick chimney extends about 4 feet above the peak. The house is in a dense, urban neighborhood with maple trees a bit taller than the roof peak directly to the south. There is a large gap in the trees at bearing 145". All the other houses in the immediate area to the south are of similar height.

My TV signal analysis is here:

The only differences between what local TV channels the Samsung TV is receiving, a total of 13, and what the signal analysis says it should receive are:

1) Signal report CIII-DT (vc 14.1) is shown on Samsung as Global Network CIII-HD (vc 6.1)
2) Signal report does not list CBOFT-D shown on Samsung at vc 9.1, CBC French
3) Signal report does not list CHCH-HD shown on Samsung at vc 11.1
4) Samsung displays a channel labelled OMNI2 on vc 14.1 not CIII-DT as shown on signal report
5) Samsung displays a channel labelled OMNI1 on vc 60.1. not CIII-DT as shown on signal report (see item 1, above). Signal report does not list any vc 60.1

I also ran an FM signal analysis. The results for the station I am interested in are:

WSLU 89.5 26.39 -76.4 2Edge 67.3 154" (167") 537.5

These results reflect a somewhat arbitrary antenna height of 50 feet AGL, but one I thought could be achieved.

The distant TV channel I would like to receive is WNPI-DT, real channel 23 with a NM(db) of -4.1. Receiving WWNY, real channel 7, NM(db) -12.9, would be a bonus.

I would like the opinion of the forum whether the purchase of:

1) an external, high-gain antenna, e.g. Winegard HD7698P Platinum;
2) antenna rotor;
3) high-gain pre-amplifier;
4) high-grade coax; and
5) antenna mount and mast.

will enable me to receive reliably the PBS TV and FM stations I am interested in, as well as the OTA local digital television stations I currently receive with a small external TV antenna mounted on my back deck.

I would very much appreciate any comments on my equipment list, additions or deletions to same, antenna mast height (I'd like to keep it to 12 feet or less) and specific model recommendations for the hardware. I could also use some help with how to avoid signal overload with respect to using a high-gain system for both the remote stations as well as the powerful local channels.

Thank you for your help with this.
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