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Originally Posted by life_aquatic View Post
I cut the cord and now I'm trying to get things straightened away for OTA.

Here is my report

My house has an old antenna on the rooftop of a single story home, attached to the chimney (~25 ft?). Couldn't tell what kind it was, but it looks exactly like the one in the picture in this article.

The antenna appears to be pointing pretty close to the right direction NW towards Cleveland towers (I used my cell phone compass - i know this isn't optimal).

I'm not sure on the distance of cable I have running from the antenna to the TVs. I have two TV's in the house. I installed this amplifier which helped.

Currently on my TV that has a convertor box I get real channels 47,23,49,17,30,34,8,26 pretty consistently. The one channel I want but rarely if ever get is channel 15.

My digital television (LG from around 2007, i think) is usually much worse in what it picks up. For instance, last night it started off getting nearly everything above, but later it was only getting channel 8, and maybe one or two other channels I don't care for. I did attach the convertor box to this cable and it seemed to get just about everything, so I assume the problem is most likely that the tuner in the TV is not as good.

What suggestions would you have on what to do next in troubleshooting? My first thought was running some new coax from the antenna? Or a new antenna?

Thanks for your input.
My best guess, is that you have a Winegard 8200.

Since you say that the amp improved things, I would suspect that you may be right about the coax. The matching transformer is also a cheap thing to swap out. Wire brushing the threads and wing nuts may also help and some kind of grease will also retard the oxidation. Many here, also reccomend coax seal.

Cell phone compasses don't seem to be very popular amongst other members on here.
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