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1) The coax setup I mentioned in my old post was so I could drag it around the yard. Right now I'm using a 80ft run of the coax that the satellite company put it. Pretty sure it's OK; it's been sealed.
2) I was going to go with the extreme option, the C490, but I had limitations of what I could actually fit in my car without bungee straps, what would fit in my wallet and the strength of my pole was questionable before I replaced it.
3) I don't know where that channel 6 comes from, but I can't get it. 13 is actually the strongest channel I get....
Currently I receive: 10 (CBS, pretty amazing it magically appeared one day) 13 (2.1, the first channel I received during tuning), 31.1 (ABC, again it works fine) and a smidge of analog channels 41 and 44, which I could care less about except that all the football games are on them.

NOTE: There also has been some coordinate confusion between my GPS and Google Earth. They keep showing different coordinates that are about 20 miles apart. Should I use GPS coords or Google Earth coords? They give two totally different reports.

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