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Hi MiddleofNowhere,

I wasn't involved in your prior thread, however I understand your frustration with the PBS signal.

GroundUrMast gives you appropriate advice concerning your coax. Think of your situation as a rain gutter with leaks and clogs. The some water is going to spill out before it gets to the drainage system. The TV signals coming down your coax are similar in that you disrupt the seamless flow of energy down your lead and possibly allow for things to "leak" our and potentially in as well interfering with the signals in the coax. You want to give the signals your antenna is receiving every chance to make it in the best shape possible to your receiver.

The suggestion of replacing the existing coax with an unkinked and unharshly bent run would be a great first step.

Looking at your TVfool plot, I agree that a more robust antenna would've served you better. The CBS affiliate ought to be received with the existing 290 without much fuss. The PBS though at -82.5 dbm strength is getting down to that area where the signals can become affected by atmospheric variances and drop out. These are very weak and require for reliability a "big gun," if you will. Even more so for the ABC affiliate.

The positive, you won't have to do much work for NBC as you are served by green shaded K06NS-D with that programming, leaving real channel 13 a non-important channel.

I could recommend a "go big" set up that would integrate 2 antennas, one at the magnetic 210 heading for NBC, PBS and ABC, while the other being high-VHF only orientated to magnetic 243 for CBS. In the end, it's what you want to do.

My suggestion fix your coax, get a new line in place then test.

We can discuss those results when you get there.

I would expect the C290 would not be the antenna to try for PBS and the ABC affiliates. It's a good antenna, you are just asking a bit more than what it is rated at. It is a fringe antenna, PBS and ABC are deep fringe.

A low cost improvement might be to stick a RCA TVPRAMP1R preamp on it once you get a new coax system in.


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