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Generally speaking, the database import from the FCC and IC is automated. However, both data sources come with a few errors (that is, the database does not always match real-world operating transmitters). This can be caused by a variety of reasons like:

- Simple typos, transposed letters and/or numbers
- Old records that have not been removed
- Registration of "future" sites (entered into database, but not yet "live")
- Broadcaster failing to update their paperwork when things change
- Missing, incomplete, or incorrect data fields
- Multiple records for the same transmitter

When data corrections are sent to TV Fool (either as forum posts or via the "contact us" links), we try to verify the information and update our local database accordingly. In essence, we maintain a list of database "patches" that we apply to the incoming FCC and IC data to fix any errors that we know about.

We hope that the FCC and IC databases will improve over time, but the nice thing about TV Fool is that we can do better because of all the great feedback we get from our users. Every time a user sends in a data correction, we all benefit (more accurate reports, better maps, etc.).
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