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RE: TV Fool Database Needs Updating

For my location in West Vancouver, BC, Canada, doing a TV Signal Locator search, I get CBUT, real Channel analogue 2, (it was shut down on Sept 1, 2011 and replaced by CBUT-DT, real channel 47, virtual channel 2.

CIVI, real analogue channel 17, was replaced by CIVI-DT real digital channel 17. For the Vancouver market, the two analogues above are no longer active.

Also, the French CBC digital channel, CBUFT-DT, real 26, virtual 26, does not come up on the TV Signal Analysis Results.

The "Industry Canada" Database, as you know, will have all the current license information.

From Bellingham, KVOS-DT 35 has a subchannel: TheCoolTV 35.2, virtual 12.2.

KBCB-DT and K24IC-DT both have subchannels as well, but I don't know if TV Fool shows the subchannels.
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