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WQXR FM Reduction in TX Power

A family member lives 40 miles LOS from WQXR FM (NYC). She enjoyed listening to it for many years. However, all that changed on July 14, 2009:
WQXR has less range and population coverage on 105.9 than it had with its old signal on 96.3. WQXR's old and new signals both radiate from the same FM master antenna atop the the Empire State Building; but while WQXR's old signal (now WCAA's) is 6,000 watts ERP (effective radiated power -- the energy concentrated toward the horizon), its new signal (WCAA's old one) is 600 watts. The calculated signal strength of the new signal at 30 miles (covering about 14.5 million people) is the same as the old 96.3 FM signal at 42 miles (covering about 17.1 million people).
FM Fool WQXR reception results:
  • 105.9
  • 0.6 kW
  • Signal RX: -69.4 dBM
  • 26.7 Ft AGL LOS
  • Rank order: #41 out of 65 total stations
They currently have a rooftop omni-directional turnstile antenna similar to the CM-3026, which is no longer able to receive WQXR due to its reduction in power from 6000 to 600 watts.

Which rooftop antenna will allow them to reliably receive WQXR?

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