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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
It seems to be popular especially in southeast Wisconsin. To be honest I can't tell which direction is named. It looks like the same antenna on the top and the bottom just joined together. I have seen this particular design not stacked. Just one of those
It is probably an Amphenol VHF (both Hi and Low) antenna, or a clone. This is one of the first antennas to cover both Low VHF and High VHF. As marked in image below, it was available in 1951.

The two antennas are connected by what was called "stacking bars'. Stacking bars were transmission lines, usually made of material the same size of the antenna element. The spacing between the bars and bar length was chosen such that the 'stacking bar' impedance transformed 300 Ohms to ~600 Ohms, then when two antennas joined together, a connection in the center resulted in 300 Ohms impedance.

The small element is on the front of the antenna (toward stations).

Don't know about the single driven element at the top of the tower.

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