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Originally Posted by BigHenry View Post
Tim, when the CM-5020's original "built-in" balun failed I called Channel Master.
In what way did it fail?
They stated that I could not get an exact replacement balun, instead all they offered was the CM-94444 in-line balun.
That's really poor support. They sell you an expensive antenna and then they will not send you an original replacement balun.
I'm still unsure what kind of balun to try next. Lowes has a cheap one that I believe is an iron core type. The CM-94444 I currently have is of the circuit board type. In my simple mind a basic core seems more sturdy than a circuit board?? I think I'll order another CM-94444 and swap it out when the weather improves.
You need a ferrite core balun to cover all three TV bands, VHF-Low (real channels 2-6), VHF-High (7-13), and UHF (14-51; soon to be 14-36).

A halfwave coax balun is low loss, but it only covers one TV band.

There are two types of printed circuit board baluns. A UHF printed circuit board balun is only good for UHF.

There is a type of circuit board balun thay is good for all three TV bands because it has a ferrite core balun mounted on the board. You will only find this only on Winegard antennas.

I really don't know what is inside the CM-5020 balun; can you show us the inside of the one you removed?

I suggest you use the CM94444 balun, but keep the leads short. It's an outdoor balun and should be waterproof.

Since your signals are quite weak, I suggest you add a preamp near the antenna, and run the RG6 coax down to the grounding block and then to the power inserter inside.
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