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From our driveway in the same position, the Winegard Sensar III received one channel. A PBS affiliate 39 miles away. The C2V-RV is picking up four additional channels (ABC. NBC, CBS, FOX) and their sub channels 43 miles away. All are within 10 degrees of each other. This will be interesting to try at campgrounds where I'm familiar with TV reception.
Moving the VHF over a couple inches worked well and clears the roof AC as I'd hoped. Due to short coax on the boom, I had to mount the pre amp on the back side of the antenna screen. AD Tech, am I causing any problems by doing this? I can make a longer cable and mount in below the screen if it matters. I do not have any dicor self leveling sealant on hand so I didn't want to replace the factory coax at this time.

Stowed position. The provided rubber bumper wasn't quite enough so I strapped a piece of rubber hose to the bottom boom. Also added a zip tie to minimize movement of the reflector screen on the mount. Sits pretty solid on the roof now.

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