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No reception

It is a tv antenna and I see a few of the elements are missing. The ones that are missing are probaly more for the older channels like 2 to 6 which digital TV does not use anymore. It should still get you some of the local TV stations anyway. Is the cable coming from antenna what is called twin lead which is a flat cable with two wires running on each side about a 1/4 inch apart in plastic of some sort? I think you may have a break in the cable somewhere if you are not recieving any channels. You may consider replacing the old cable with 75 ohm coax and using a balun at the antenna to reconnect to the 300 ohm terminals on the antenna. The old style of cable was called twin lead and it is 300 ohm. 75 ohm coax is what is used mostly today and most newer tv's have a 75 ohm connection on the back instead of 300 ohm. Is the TV you are using a digital tv or are you using a converter box to make digital work?
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