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Originally Posted by Seaboy View Post
... I think going higher may be the only answer; TVFOOL output shows I need up to 3 more dB to get NBC CH 48 ... the London Olympics! That's my goal for now, just that one channel, temporarily, until I can get a more significant mount that gets my antenna higher. Is there another antenna that I should consider that will increase my noise margin sufficiently, given that I can receive CH 31 (and want to get CH 48, +3dB more; without adding more height)? ...
I agree, higher is quite likely the single most important factor. is one of several sources of penetrating and non-penetrating mounting hardware.

If you have 100' of RG-6, you have roughly 5 dB loss at the frequency of KING, real CH-48. That loss and any splitters, would subtract from the net noise margin at the TV. An Antennas Direct CPA-19 preamp may be one of the easiest ways to buy a few dB improvement in net noise margin at the TV.
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