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This is the million dollar question. How to let the others know? I keep thinking about the origin of why this new free antenna hd/dtv is secret. The FCC and the Dept. of Commerce (NTIA, converter box coupon program) knew that Comcast was intentionally and purposefully running a major misinformation campaign and yet they stood by and did nothing to rectify their scheme.

They (our crooked government) definitely had knowledge of their commercial advertisement which they slickly disguised as a PSA. That, in itself, spoke volumes loud and clear. Their intent was to keep this transition secret. They knew it would be the end of their industry as we know it today, if word got out about this new digital signal.
The pay-tv industry was encouraged by our own government to deceive us, the American people. The government doesn't represent us, we the people, they represent big business, corporate america. Liars and thieves like Comcast ...

But again, the question remains how can we help others develop greater awareness of OTA? It is a good question. The million dollar question.
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