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Antenna Selection

Hello Everyone!

I am looking for some advice for my OTA situation.

In my community two of the four networks have translators just outside of town along with an around the clock weather station and an WB station. The other two major networks, FOX (KHMT) and ABC (KSVI) have a 1000KW towers approximately 45 to 50 miles away. I have spoken to the stations directly and was told I would be looking at putting a good sized antenna on my roof, not to hold my breath and save my receipt... Which pretty much summed up what I had been figuring in looking at my reports both on here and other places on the web over the last month.

Honestly, I would love to pick up as many signals as possible, but realistically I really only care about the four main networks.

I would be installing the antenna on a tripod mast, on the roof of my house, and would be running about 50 feet down to an distribution block and then into the house to two TV's with runs of less than 15 feet each. I might run more TV's in the future.

So, anyone have any thoughts?

Here is my report:

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