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Originally Posted by jerrymc View Post
I didn't realize KDOC moved to H-VHF (207MHz) a few months ago when KTLA moved its freq. as well.
It now makes sense that KDOC doesn't come in as well anymore, along with KABC (177MHz). So much for using 2 separate antennas.
(One for UHF and one for VHF.)
KDOC moved from 32 to 12 during Repack Phase 2

Repack Plan

Current TVFool report:

Report from, which should be more accurate:

Extract from report:

You are behind a mountain for KDOC, jerry:

Your location is on the edge of the red zone of the Longley-Rice coverage map, which is the weakest listed signal strength.

Because of the directional KDOC transmitting antenna pattern, less than 38 kW out of 110 kW ERP is sent in your direction:

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