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Kdoc (h-vhf)


I didn't realize KDOC moved to H-VHF (207MHz) a few months ago when KTLA moved its freq. as well.

It now makes sense that KDOC doesn't come in as well anymore, along with KABC (177MHz). So much for using 2 separate antennas.
(One for UHF and one for VHF.)
HD8200XL and HDB91X with RCA TVPRAMP1R pre-amp aimed at Mt. Wilson (Los Angeles) in Etiwanda area.
CM3410 dist. amp in attic for a 5 room hookup.

Located in foothills behind Mt. Baldy, and experiencing signal loss and pixelation depending on time of day.
Using RCA rotator motor now to tweak.

Location Radar
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