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OTA Rules

Is this thing still going on? Sorry guys, it isn't just a rumor. There were or are two actual measures that special interest groups were trying to get passed that would essentually accomplish just that. Look it up on Bing or Google. The very first thing I did when I heard about it was to e-mail my senators in Washington D.C. and tell them if they did not oppose these measures, they could kiss my vote goodbye. I didn't include this in my e-mails, but if they don't oppose them, they can kiss something else of mine too. I have sat at more friends houses than you would believe, with a television remote in my hand, going through their cable or satalite channels, announcing "Crap, crap, crap...." with each push of the button, because that was exactly what was on each channel. And you folks out there in subscription TV land expect me to PAY for this drek? You all must be nuts.
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