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I have read about these rumors. By the time they "attemp" to do something like this we will be all eating creamed corn. Too many seniors will not stand for this, and the AARP has weight. 1 out of 7 Americans are on the poverty line and the middle class is dwindling in terms of both real income and credit lending - OTA reception will be the reinvention of old and it'll be "the new." These companies will make more money off the broadband DSL than ever before, since everyone is catching on to running internet cables into the TV for convenient cheaper services. I have a cable package and a small inside RCA antenna that i use periodically and it catches 4 channels - no complaints. I'm going to install a larger outdoor one in the near future to save 80.00 month. I get what I get.
This is the future for many - and the whole antenna industry will change, you can bet that cable companies and satellite companies will start buying into antennas companies for profit - oh that's right, they do! Cable and satellite are here to stay, but so are those who are frugal and keen.
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