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Ota hd a beautiful thing

Originally Posted by tech45 View Post
I just heard today on tv that a special interest group in Washington D.C.
Wants Free OTA antenna TV to go away! WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.:

Please write,email or phone Congress!!!
Don't let them strip one more right from us!!!!
I agree lets keep it free. I know some of you are addicted to tv. But please read. For all that don't realize the FCC spent alot money for us to have the ultimate TV system. HD TV is a beautiful thing and we should all fight to keep it. The clearity of HDOTA is what frigthen Direct, Dish and Cable. Since June pay tv have doing all they can to keep you paying. For years you have paid money to watch the same shows on free tv. (Sinfeld,House of Pain, CSI and many more. At that time we wanted the clearity of cable and the 20 channel they offered on pay tv and that what we paid for. Times has changed and the OTA HD has the best picture. If we all support OTA we all will get more and more over time, just as pay tv evolved so will OTA.

Since June 12 switch pay tv has done all it can to stop HDOTA. Pay tv has used your money you paid to them to do you a great favor, buying as much programming that was always free over OTA to keep you paying. Programming include; sports NCAA and Pros, people Oprah, NBC network and much more. FOX that carried the BCS for the last few years was out bidded by ESPN, which took your hard earned money and brought the BCS for the next few years. Why are we paying for what was always free OTA. If you keep paying you will always pay, and you don't want that.

That is why I think we should all ban together and drop pay tv, and support OTA. After all OTA can deliver the same product and don't cost us nothing.

The real secert is no one need to pay for tv anymore with HDOTA. Pay tv is doing all they can to get rid of OTA. Don't let it happen. OTA is a beatiful thing and don't waste it. Use it or loose it.

Subscribers has been under mind over and over a again by pay tv. In June the biggest sucker punch from pay tv was, as long us you'll be fine. What they didn't tell you HD is clearer and free and now offer more progrmming. you didn't need to by a big fancy HDTV to watch pay tv, Their set top box would keep sending you the digital siginal. Out of 200 channels you pay for, how many do you watch maybe 5 or 10? Whats' up with the other 180. But you pay for all the junk you don't care to watch also. Why pay when most tv markets offer over 40 channels. Each channel can broadcast as many as 5 different programs. Let's give them a reason to use them and get some go programmings for OTA. After all tv is tv, just some you pay for and some you don't. A tv show the same programs. Don't pay for what you can get for free. ESPN gross 6.3 billions this year Ted Turner was on 60 Minutes and mad billions after billions. Let take back what was ours.

What can you do? Inform your congress man to keep OTA. Drop your pay tv. After all the consumers has all ways been in charge. If pay tv have no audience to show commercials, out of bussiness they go. If you drop your pay tv, OTA will get a lot better, and it for free. Pay tv make money off fees/you and commercials. OTA just commercials and can offer the same programs. Do your part and take actions by dropping pay tv. May be the 20 or 30 channels that can survive, will broadcast OTA to make money.

What to do with pay tv money.

College Fund
Pay Extra ON House
Chritmas Fund
Credit Card Payoff
Extra Car Payment
Slush Fund
Repair Money
Gas Money

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