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Originally Posted by eclipsme View Post
First is a scan of 620-638Mhz, channels 39, 40, and 41. What is that from about 622-627 mhz, the upper part of ch 30 and the lower of 31?
and what is that around 634 mhz in ch 41?

There are no more high power TV signals in channels 39, 40, and 41, so it is probably cellular signals. There are, however, a few low power transmitters left after Repack.
Next is 566-578 Mhz, Ch 30 and 31. The pilots look like they might be in the correct locations for the channels, and we do have a local ch 30 but I have no idea what is happening on 31. Is this all noise or week signal?

What you see are the tops of CH 30 and 31. The gain is set too low.
And finally is a scan of the Hi-VHF band. The DB8e is notoriously bad at VHF. Does any of this look like possible stations that I might be able to get with a different antenna?

I'm not certain what that is; the gain is set too low. Tower Guy is probably correct.

You might need an FM filter.
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