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It's actually some proprietary formula that mostly has to do with the decodability of the digital data in the signal rather than the actual power of the signal itself. Every "signal meter" is pretty much different from the next, so, once you determine what the threshold is for the one you have, just shoot to keep the reading above the minimum plus some padding, if possible.

If you're using the RCA pre-amp, make sure you check the switch position for "Separate" since their factory doesn't have a good track record of putting the switch in the position the label says it should be in. Other than that, be on the lookout for KOMU and KRCG.
Well, got the the vhf antenna up and I'm getting everything in with a good picture. As skeptical as I was when I decided to cut the cord I get 12 channels Including Fox ABC NBC CBS PBS. Get TV and Me TV are bonuses. Also some cooking channel on pbs that my wife will enjoy. Thanks again to those who helped with my install.
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