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Hello rabbit73,

Thank-you for the updated report. All of the channels with the "Fair" field strength are exactly those I can receive.

This past summer, I suspected the OEM balun installed in the Channel Master CM-5020 antenna was not performing properly. At random times channels would pixelate to the point where the TV (Magnavox 39ME413V) would give up with a "No signal" condition. I wasn't really sure what was causing the problem, but since the balun was inexpensive I bought a CM-94444 and upon installation my problem was solved.

This time, as appears in my attached table, the march down from decent signal strength to pixelation seems less random and more predictable. So this time I'm not as confident its a sick balun, but again since its cheap I'll be ordering another CM-94444 and replacing it. Maybe the 4:1 transformer technology used in the CM-5020 OEM balun is different from the CM-94444 which may explain why their symptoms are different?

Any other insight is much appreciated.
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