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Originally Posted by BigHenry View Post
Is a "Digital cliff" referring to where the TV signal just drops off?
Yes, that's what I'm referring to.

Originally Posted by BigHenry View Post
I have been recording signal strengths for the 7's, 10's, 15's and 38's channels today. They have all been in the 30-40% strength range, which is just fine for a good picture.
Percentages like that are useful, but not especially quantitative, IMHO. You kind of need to identify where pixelation begins to occur to make any sense of actual signal strength. The best indicator I've seen on a standard TV is on the Sony Bravias, which usually list signal to noise ratio (SNR) in dB. SNR of 15 is crystal clear, 14 has intermittent pixelation, and 13 is gonzo. You typically want to be around SNR=20 so that even in adverse conditions, the SNR stays above 14. Every 3 dB additional is a doubling of signal strength. I doubt that 40% is twice as strong as 20% on your TV, since mine goes from 15 dB (watchable signal) up to 34 dB (~80x stronger than 15 dB).

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