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Tower Guy gave you the best advice. He is a TV station engineer. You did ask for the best antenna, didn't you?

The problem with a rotating antenna is that you would need to rescan for channels each time you changed direction (like between 56 and 324 degrees magnetic for the main networks) unless your TV has an add-a-channel after scan option. Most TVs, don't, but Sony TVs do.

The problem becomes worse if you have more than one TV.

If you want small, you could use two similar small UHF/VHF-hi antennas, one above the other, combined with a UVSJ. One would be aimed at 56 and the other at 324 degrees. This should at least get you NBC, FOX, PBS, CBS, and ABC. The antenna for the first 3 channels would be connected to the UHF port of the UVSJ and the other antenna would be connected to the VHF port.

The 2 antennas would be RCA ANT751, and you wouldn't need to buy or mess with a rotor.

Or 2 HBU11.
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