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vms, I think of the mast ground as step one, the coax ground as step two.

Based on your description, it sounds like you are on the right track except, I would not run the mast ground to the coax ground block. I would run the mast ground to the nearest ground rod that is a part of electrical service GES (grounding electrode system). If the existing electrical service ground is quite distant from the mast location, a supplemental ground rod can be added to your existing GES. Any new ground rod needs to bond to the existing GES with #6 AWG or larger copper wire which needs to be protected from damage (the 'required' burial depth of your local code is based on factors such as freeze/thaw depth), the connectors used need to be rated for burial if they are going at or below grade. I suggest that you verify what the code calls for and use that rather than any general advise I or anyone else offers.

The second step, coax ground, ideally occurs just before the coax enters the building and close to the point were the electrical service connects to the GES (the ground rod next to your meter in your case).

Step one should provide a low impedance/resistance from the mast to ground so that if current flows in the ground conductor, little voltage difference is developed throughout the GES. Step two is the next line of defense, by using the shortest possible length of ground wire, the voltage difference between the coax shield and the GES will be held as low as possible should fault current ever flow through the coax shield. A primary goal of grounding and bonding is to minimize the voltage difference between any two 'grounded' points on the premises if there is an electrical fault.
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